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Signature Massage

Our signature massage will relax muscular tension and relieve stress. We use a combination of pressures and massage modalities to help reduce stress, relieve pain, soreness and stiffness, nourish the soft tissue and improve circulation, and release toxins

60 Min. $75  |  75 Min. $90

90 Min. $105  |  120 Min. $135

CBD Infused Massage

With our Massage Oil, your body will thank you. The Massage Studio oil is the perfect addition to your home spa experience as well. You will feel ultimate relaxation after using this product, and feel ready to tackle anything that your day may bring.

60 Min. $100  |  75 Min. $120

90 Min. $130  |  120 Min. $160

Upper Body Unwind

Relax with a dedicated session with focus on your head, neck, upper back, shoulders, arms and hands. Each session starts with a hand paraffin dip to warm the joints and deep relaxation.

60 Min. $85  |  75 Min. $100

Couples Massage


Take time to relax and enjoy a 60 minute massage together. After your massage sit by the fire and enjoy a complementary glass of champagne in our quiet couples lounge.  

60 Min. $180  |  75 Min. $ 220 |  90 Min. $ 250

Prenatal or Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy massage has numerous benefits for mother and developing baby. Massage provides relief from muscle cramps, spasms and myofascial pain. It provides support for the new mother with physical and emotional strains of mothering. Postnatal Massage is tailored to fit a the changes in mothers body including abdominal massage to help facilitate the changes as the body changes. 

The prenatal belly mask is the ultimate self-care for mama. It's a targeted treatment for pregnant bellies that helps hydrate and minimize the appearance of stretch marks + scars during pregnancy and postpartum. The treatment is followed by a custom oil blend and massage for the prenatal belly. 


* Expecting Mothers in First Trimester: some doctors recommend that massage is only provided with doctor’s approval when in your first trimester.

Please consult your doctor prior to scheduling a massage. 

60 Min. $75  |  75 Min. $90  |  90 Min. $105  

75 Min. with Belly Mask  $125  

90 Min. with Belly Mask  $140  

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