Brow Makeover or Brow Lamination


Brow Lamination is a truly unique process that shapes, laminates and tints your brows. The 1st step is very similar to a perm, as it lifts and relaxes the brows. Step 2, uses ingredients like aloe and castor oil to neutralize brow hairs, while step 3 utilizes keratin (and other oils) to hydrate and nourish brows. It is non-invasive, safe and prevents dyes from being injected into the skin. Brow lamination has phenomenal staying power, as results can last 6 to 8 weeks.


The treatment takes approximately 1 hour. 


Brow Waxing

Achieve your brow's best shape. Share your brow likes, dislikes, and desires, we assess them from every angle before expertly waxing, trimming, and tweezing.


Brow Tint

Enhance the visibility of your brow with a tint of color.